With What?

This upcoming solo exhibition explores the artists’ matrilineage through concepts of care, tradition, and technology. It unearths the dreams of our elders—how they envisioned our lives today and how they prepared us. In developing the work, Young collected 3D scans of her grandmother, mother, and children, as well as heirloom objects from her lineage and from those in her community. Those scans were 3D printed and pressed into a series of handmade clay bricks. The resulting installation offers an interplay of physical, digital, and emotional labor. In addition to the brick sculpture multiples, it features a series of digital art composites blurring memory and myth.


  • Manierr Dawson Gallery, WSCC (2023)
  • Bloomington Public Library + Indiana University (2023)


  • Catchings Series (2022), digital stills from 3D scans