Chimeric Whiteness, Or Nightmares Passing As Normal

Collaborators Tuli Bera, Ogie Iyahen, Angela Luem, Alana Parekh, Haydée Souffrant, and Megan Young explore how we speak on, navigate, dismantle, and move beyond systemic racism in collective physical practice. This work began as a response to previous projects, including Cloud of Whiteness and Nuclear Winter, but quickly claimed authority of process over product. It continues as a journey without arrival.

In the United States, whiteness takes chimeric and overlapping form as systemic privilege, physical presentation, or imagined superiority. Codified Western dance forms developed from a foundation of white supremacy and colonial ideals. Together, we seek to unravel how to operate within institutionalized dance spaces while not perpetuating those harmful patterns. Commissioned by Chicago DanceMakers Forum.


  • Chicago Cultural Center (2018)


  • Megan Young