In Touch

Curation for Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery | Group Exhibition

This upcoming project addresses our sensorial return to public spaces after years of distance and absence. The exhibition builds on research by cultural theorist Luce Irigaray, and her feminist exploration of interpersonal connections in the book “To Be Two” (2000). Rather than reducing our physicality and fleshy exchanges to a singularly knowable experience, Irigaray honors the nuance and uniqueness in every body. With that in mind, this group exhibition considers the ways we are reentering our communities and meeting one another, again.

The collection features a collage of mediums – soft sculpture, self portraiture, textile banners, and ritual objects – as wayfinding guideposts. Each offers a pathway back to sensation, sense of self, and interaction. These pieces share an aesthetic of care and allow space for uncertainty. They reference our memories or missed embraces even while acknowledging an understandably heightened sensitivity to proximity and togetherness. They help us find our place.

The exhibition makes use of OAC’s Riffe Gallery as a public meeting space and symbol of convening. It utilizes the gallery layout by carving discrete interactive zones. The floor plan echoes are sense of journey. Each object or image gains new relevance in juxtaposition to those encountered before, or those revealed after. That structure, coupled with the numerous images of the body and representations of touch, give the space a rich liveness that persists even through individual viewing.


  • To Be Announced


  • OAC's Riffe Gallery (January 2024)