Made of rubble, wood piles, or caisson, breakwater structures provide frontline defense against shoreline erosion. This project draws parallels with such structures while considering their potential as models for social resistance. 

Each iterative event develops through collective composition. Original sonic and movement languages evolve from emergent play with naturally resonant materials including wood, sand, and paper. Rhythmic and contrapuntal patterns ripple through the physical and auditory landscapes. The aesthetic centers cooperative action, deep listening, and steadfast resolve.


  • Alex Borgen, Trina Hines, Gina Buwalda Johnson, Hannah Loss, Angela Luem, Mawusi Nenonene, Carolina Pava, Caitlin Rafferty, Julia Smith. Emily Thompson.Cassandra Vander Well, Megan Young, and Sara Whale, with audience


  • Ingenuity Cleveland (2017)
  • SiTE:LAB/ArtPrize (2015)
  • Dance in the Annex (2014)
  • Chicago Arts District (2014)
  • Columbia College Chicago (2014)
  • Figment Chicago (2014)


  • Black Valve Media (video above)
  • Photos courtesy of MLive Media Group, Leonardo Selvaggio, and Motley Photography