UW Techniques

Experimental Video (2014)
Concept & Design: Megan Young
Performance: Sid Branca & Megan Young
Cinematography: Chelsey Shilling

Center for Applied Theater & Active Culture (CATAC)
3rd Language, 2014 Sweat Fest, Chicago
Columbia College Chicago, InterArts Building
Columbia College Chicago, C33 Congress Display

Project Support:
Prairie Center of the Arts, Artist Residency
Center for Applied Theater & Active Culture (CATAC)

Physical comedy meets sarcastic narcissism in a battle of futility re-mapping time into a layered vortex of destructive cycles, half-hearted attempts and apathy. This work is second in a series of semi-autobiographic “family videos”.

Presentation Formats Include:
4-Channel Installation (2:30 looping)
Experimental Short, Dance/Film (6 minutes)

Additional Credits: Movement coaching by Steven DeAllen Young. Phsychological dramaturgy by Kimberly Koljat. Production support by Jane Bagnall, Maggie Puckett, Rob Nostradamus, Morgan Sayers, Amanda Blake Willett, Kelly Skala, and Dennis Burke.