Waist High & Elbow Deep

Audience Directed Performance
Concept and Direction by Megan Young
Music Composition & Performance by Megan Elk

Selected Exhibition History:
Chicago Cultural Center
Center for Applied Theater & Active Culture
Lubeznik Center for the Arts
Links Hall, THAW
Chicago Home Theater Festival



Waist High & Elbow Deep presents performers as surrogates, objects, and proxies – directed by viewer participants. Interactive games reveal how even public performance is a form of physical contract. We dismantle performance conventions while considering the everyday performance of identity in society. We interrogate the practice of offering bodies for pleasure and consider the physical agreements contracted or implied in social events, personal relationships, and public space.


Performance/Facilitators: Angela Luem, Penelope Hearne, Meghan Murphy-Sanchez, Emily Rose, Aerica Siegel, Marcia Custer, Emily Thompson
Additional Project Support: Alex Borgen, Caitlin Rafferty, Bryan Saner, and Kelly Skala

Video & Photo Credits: Kellen Walker, Megan Young, Leo Selvaggio, Penelope Hearne, MB Stanton, Madelyn Smith