‘To Be Two’


At Links Hall
August 23 & 24th at 7pm
3111 N Western Ave; Chicago, IL
Tickets $10 – 40
As part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration Season

Featuring: Tuli Bera, Rebecca Burcher, Angela Luem, Caitlin Rafferty, Saulaman Schlegel, and Emily Thompson, with audience


Adaptive/Responsive Performance Installation
Concept & Direction by Megan Young
Developed with Rebecca Burcher, Julia Smith, Emily Thompson
Dramaturgy by Misty Luminais
Sound Design by Megan Young

Exhibition History
Links Hall, 40th Anniversary Season
DCASE 2016 SpinOff Series
Idea Center, Playhouse Square Center

An immersive movement experience constructed by audience with performers, ‘To Be Two’ considers the tenuous space between where embodiment ends and all others begin. It mirrors the messy and muddled construction of self in real life and honors the difficult task of being –   together. Artist Megan Young extends the considerations of French philosopher, Luce Irigaray, as she explores intimacy in a postdigital age.

This project takes a decidedly personal approach to Young’s consideration of choreography as a form of system design. It is a close reading of source text, of bodies present, of expectations, and of the breathing spaces between.

Please note: this experience involves conversations and/or references to sex, sexuality, and sex organs that we consider to be entirely youth friendly. Additionally, portions of this event include physical contact and close physical proximity. If your safety and well-being demands that you view from a distance or abstain from contact, we will seat you accordingly (please mention to an attendant on arrival).

Special Thanks to Playhouse Square Center’s LAUNCH New Works Development Program, Chicago’s DCASE SpinOff Series, and Links Hall for developmental support of this project

Photo Credits: Hugh Sato