Space for Myself

Media Performance
Direction by Megan Young
Collaborative Choreography with Emily Thompson
Digital & Interaction Design by Megan Young

Exhibition History:
Playhouse Square Center


How have our virtual identities shifted our sense of self?

This duet of live and projected bodies considers identity formation in the digital age. Collaborative development explores movement habits, insecurities, and physical response systems. Actions are magnified through repetition, accumulation, distribution, and reconstruction. Large-scale projections feature looping samples of the performance, with the soloist responding to their own image. The work mirrors the feedback loop of identity formation – with the output of the process becoming a generative input. This exploration shows how we grow to become representations of our collected actions.

Space for Myself builds on the research of AND ME IN MY PLACE by inviting viewers to enter and alter the piece as presented in an installation format. The digital environment responds and adapts to viewer actions in real-time.


Still Images from Playhouse Square Center’s Dance Showcase (2016).

Available as Durational Installation or Concert Performance



Digital media from live performance, front projected on a Sharkstooth scrim.