Questions of Safety Answered by Children of Color

On-Demand 3D Sculptures, Community Engagement
Concept and Direction by Megan Young
Developed in Response to A Color Removed, Conceived by Michael Rakowitz

Exhibition History
City of Cleveland Public Spaces
Cleveland Public Library


This community engaged public art project centers listening and imagined futures. The work responds to contemporary questions of safety arising through the artists’ experience raising children in some of the worst segregated cities of the United States. Now expanding from its Cleveland base, the project considers: What represents safety for children in our communities? That question is addressed through a visual survey with participants. Kids contribute drawings of “what makes them feel safe.” Then, each participant is gifted a small 3D-pen printed representation of their drawing. Drawings and duplicate safety artifacts are shared through traditional and digital forms.

What represents safety for children in our communities?

This work begins with a series of chance public meetings in public spaces. It serves to create a visual archive of community safety from a youth perspective. The artist provides orange art materials, white paper, and a simple prompt: She asks children to draw what makes them feel safe. The drawing becomes an opening for conversation, and for listening. Together, they navigate what is real, what is uncertain, and what is possible. The young participant is the director of the experience and designer of their imaged object. Since the project’s inception, over fifty drawings and duplicate safety objects have been compiled. Drawings and safety artifacts are being catalogued and prepared for exhibition in traditional and digital forms.

Safety Objects (Photo Credit: Deanna Dionne)


Workshop Extensions
Cleveland Public Library – Waltz Branch
Fostering Hope
SPACES Gallery (as part of ACR extensions)

Participants are invited to try their hand with age appropriate 3D pen’s through workshops with the artist and collaborators at the above locations. Contact megan @ to learn more.