Questions of Safety Answered by Children of Color

Social Practice Action, On-Demand 3D Sculptures
Concept by Megan Young with Alexandria Young
Developed in Response to A Color Removed, Conceived by Michael Rakowitz

Exhibition History
City of Cleveland Public Spaces



This community engaged public art project centers listening and imagined futures. The work responds to contemporary questions of safety arising through incidents of police brutality, changing urban landscapes, and racial discrimination in the United States. As questions of safety go unanswered in the worst segregated US cities, the project demonstrates how normative safety symbols lack reliability. Children may distrust state sponsored iconography, including normative “safety orange” color symbols, for a number of reasons.

Given that background, the project considers: What represents safety for children of color in our community? The question is answered through a visual survey with child residents. Kids contribute drawings of “what makes them feel safe.” Then, each participant is gifted a small 3D printed representation of their drawing. Drawings and safety artifacts will be shared through community driven exhibitions of traditional and digital forms.

Safety Objects (Photo Credit: Deanna Dionne)


Workshop Extensions
Cleveland Public Library – Waltz Branch
Fostering Hope
SPACES Gallery (as part of ACR extensions)

Participants are invited to try their hand with age appropriate 3D pen’s through workshops with the artist and collaborators at the above locations. Contact megan @ to learn more.