‘To Be Two’

Interactive Installation & Responsive Performance

An immersive movement experience constructed by audience with performers, ‘To Be Two’ considers the tenuous space between where embodiment ends and all others begin. The work explores intimacy in a postdigital age. It mirrors the messy and muddled construction of self in real life and honors the difficult task of being – together.

This event is a close reading of source text, of bodies present, of expectations, and of the breathing spaces between. Special Thanks to Playhouse Square Center’s LAUNCH New Works Development Program, Chicago’s DCASE SpinOff Series, and Links Hall for developmental support of this project.

Performance Collaborators /

  • Tuli Bera, Rebecca Burcher, Angela Luem, Caitlin Rafferty, Saulaman Schlegel, Julia Smith, and Emily Thompson, with Audience

Photo & Video Credits /

  • Hugh Sato


  • Links Hall
  • DCASE SpinOff Series
  • Playhouse Square: Idea Center