Stress Testing Autonomous Human Robots

Creative Research


“My practice of algorithmic public engagement addresses the debate over social morality within networked existence. By stress testing agency in autonomous human robots, we can determine their tendency toward compliance or non-compliance in simulated encounters. For the purpose of these exercises, an autonomous human robot (AHR) is defined as: a human conditionally following algorithmic instructions. Agency is defined as: the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power.”

“Many of us privilege compliance over error, but I am learning to embrace inefficiency as a tool. This work has become part of that process. I applaud the questions, the refusals, and the instigators. Those reactions, though outliers, reveal much about agency and individual action. Not all humans favor compliance. These exercises bring out the agitators and provide a space for studying their methods. Through simulated encounters, we may appreciate the value of necessary noncompliance.”