Questions of Safety Answered by Children of Color

Since 2018, Young has collaborated with her children, family, personal networks, and close communities in developing a repository of “safety orange” objects and iconography titled, Questions of Safety Answered by Children of Color. Through one-on-one interactions in public parks, libraries, and schools, children draw what makes them feel safe and direct construction of toy prototypes to keep. Recurring themes include: home, mom, music, super heroes, and health aids (like glasses). Young crafts multiples of the safety images on acrylic and as small plastic sculptures for display at subsequent engagements. The project challenges the ineffectiveness of normative safety protocols and affirms the needs for youth representation in abolition work.


  • Cleveland Pubic Library (2019, 2020)
  • SPACES (2018)


  • Evan Prunty (Exterior)
  • Deanna Dionne (Safety Objects)


  • Anna Tararova (screen printing)
  • Elaine Hullihen, Christine Lewis, Misty Luminais, Maria Miranda, RA Washington, Grace Wen, Ashley Wilson (project development)