Nuclear Winter

This collaborative project is presented as a microcosm of our current and trans-historical political climate. It is a hostile space. Construction materials – brick, canvas, rope, and repurposed motor – are layered against the seemingly invisible technologies of digital surveillance. Viewers engage the work by building or deconstructing brick structures, though attempts to decenter whiteness in the environment are trampled by a preprogrammed theatrical snowfall.

Print works by Angela Davis Fegan are installed as serial public texts. Gregory King engages dance as a social text, performing rituals of joy and resistance. Ammerman Center gallery assistants support the collaboration through installation of physical computing components and  original software activating the responsive soft sculptures.

Commissioned for the Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology 16th Biennial Symposium.


  • Cummings Arts Center Gallery, Connecticut College (2017)


  • Photos by Angela Davis Fegan, Leonardo Selvaggio, Megan Young