A Public Trust

Americans have expressed decreasing levels of trust in government, institutions, and of each other since 2016, and even prior. The erosion of public trust is impacting information sharing, public processes and, by extension, all aspects of daily life. Making matters worse, the piecemeal responses to our current pandemic and economic crisis have left many in this country feeling simply exhausted. A Public Trust is SPACES response to this climate of seemingly unshakable non-confidence, curated by Megan Young with staff.

Commissioned artists share their conceptions of public trust and methods for building trust. They unveil early stage models that evolve throughout the exhibition, influenced in part by a series of public exchanges. SPACES invites our community of artists, activists, educators, organizers and officials to join this ongoing conversation and renew our investment in cultural pluralism.


Photo Credits / Rustin McCann, Courtesy of SPACES