And Me in My Place

Directed by Megan Young with Participants
Experimental Movement Portraits, Workplace Events
Project Support by Rena Naltas

Every body is a place of potential energy and each action is just one point on the trajectory of becoming. In fact, we are always becoming.

And Me in My Place begins in the diverse workplaces of Chicago with community members as directors of their own physical adventures. They engage in habitual actions and explore new approaches or unrealized motivations with Young as instigator, comrade and co-conspirator. The adventures are as fluxuant and contradictory our lifelong crafting of personal repertories.

This work exists beyond the boundaries and binaries of individual categorization by clinging to what is possible and resisting what is expected. The project engages individuals in the places they inhabit, then transcends real time to consider the broader evolution of impulse and action in the body. Young’s methods reveal the endless opportunities for physical agency, even from within our seemingly codified social structures.

Special thanks to MFA thesis advisers Melissa Potter, Lisa Gonzales, and David Jude Greene; mentors Paul Catanese, Annete Barbier, Bryan Saner, Jenny Magnus, and Meida McNeal; Columbia College Chicago Interdisciplinary Arts program, and all participant directors.