Cloud of Whiteness

Interactive Sculpture, Environment & Performance Space
Concept, Design & Direction by Megan Young
Performance by Gregory King & Leila Khoury

Exhibition History:
SPACES Gallery, First 100+ Days
The Current Sessions, On Resistance

Media Mentions:
CAN Journal
Plain Dealer



This interactive environment and performance piece replicates our political climate. As the socio-historical construct of whiteness impedes rational governance, social justice can seem out of reach. “Cloud of Whiteness” acknowledges the fog cast over social justice issues. As participants interact with movable clay bricks – clearing or building – they trigger a pushback of whiteness. Particulates fall from an undulating overhead bag. The antagonistic mechanisms are made visible so that viewers may consider agency within systems of oppression.

Cloud of Whiteness utilizes camera vision techniques and the inherent racism in filmic processes to create a microcosm of our current political climate. An installed surveillance camera captures the scene only in terms of black and white. The camera feed is run through an original Max MSP processing and triggers a re-purposed motor to release more whiteness particulates if it calculates a lack of whiteness in the video frame. Some repositionable red clay bricks are left raw, while others have been painted white.

Invited performers become part of the installation as they clear and reconstruct the installation space. The performance score includes attempts to create a new construction, the inherent difficulties associated with that task, and personalized rituals of resistance.


(Documentation Credit: Evan Prunty, Alec Miller, Ron Shelton, Darice Polo)