Cloud of Whiteness

Interactive Sculpture, Environment & Performance Space Concept, Design & Direction by Megan Young Performance by Gregory King & Leila Khoury Exhibition History: SPACES Gallery, First 100+ Days Media Mentions: CAN Journal Plain Dealer This interactive environment and performance piece replicates our political climate. As the socio-historical construct of whiteness impedes rational governance, social justice can […]

Longest Walk

Embodied Installation, Originally Developed for the 2016 RNC Cleveland Directed by Megan Young with Participants Collaborative Artist: Angela Davis Fegan Documentation: Evan Prunty, Megan Young, James Smith Press: Hyperallergic New City Participate in the Longest Walk: Chicago Follow the Facebook event HERE Saturday, April 22nd at 11:45am and Sunday, April 23rd at 3:30pm LONGEST WALK […]

Scores for Distributed Dancing

Directed by Megan Young with Participants Performance/Development Support by Angela Luem New Media Distributed Choreography & Interactive Public Performance Exhibition History: Code/Switch Exhibition, Woman Made Gallery Events in Public Spaces: ISEA, City University of Hong Kong Scores for Distributed Dancing playing cards contain simple logical operators. They are distributed to individuals in a specified public […]

Space for Myself

Direction by Megan Young Collaborative Choreography with Emily Thompson Cinematography & Editing by Megan Young This feedback system features a physical-digital partnering between solo body and projected digital media. It responds to identity politics and the increasing decentralization of self into virtual platforms. The work draws its generative design methodology from the real life layering […]

And Me in My Place

Directed by Megan Young with Participants Experimental Movement Portraits, Workplace Events Project Support by Rena Naltas Every body is a place of potential energy and each action is just one point on the trajectory of becoming. In fact, we are always becoming. And Me in My Place begins in the diverse workplaces of Chicago with […]

Waist High & Elbow Deep

Concept and Direction by Megan Young With Performers: Angela Luem, Penelope Hearne, Meghan Murphy-Sanchez, Emily Rose, Aerica Siegel, Marcia Custer, Emily Thompson, and Audience Participants Music Composition & Performance: Megan Elk / Miss Alexandra Huntingdon Recognition: Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award (2016) Waist High & Elbow Deep presents performers as surrogates, objects, and proxies […]

MegLouise danst Rosas

Experimental Video (2014) 4:20 Minutes Direction/Cinematography/Editing by Megan Young After Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keesmaeker (Open Sourced) Learn more about the Re:Rosas Project Performers: Alex Borgen, Isabelle Collazo, Penelope Hearne, Chih Hsien Lin, Angela Luem, Meghan Murphy-Sanchez, Caitlin Rafferty, Emily Rose, Kelly Skala, and Amanda Timm Megan Young’s iteration of the seminal work, Rosas […]


Installation, Interactive Sound Art, and Activated Performance Direction & Design by Megan Young Interactive Sound Design & Programming by Megan Young With Technical Support by Leo Selvaggio The Breakwall project includes several iterations of participatory, open sourced movement and ensemble sound art with the body as instrument. It is an intriguing sonic landscape and alternative […]

Floating, Falling

Experimental Video (2012) 6 minutes Crafted as private experience, intended for viewing on personal devices Direction & Editing by Megan Young Cinematography by Chelsey Shilling Text & Performance by Megan Young (video preview) Sometimes when I look at myself, I’m terrified / A perfect likeness of my sister clawing her way out of my body […]

Watching Brief

Immersive/Responsive Installation Design & Development by Megan Young With Collaborators: Allison Anich, Angela Luem, Caitlin Rafferty, and Kelly Skala Interactive Design Support by Leo Selvaggio Watching Brief exposes then excavates physical and mental boundaries, contexts and movement artifacts. Proximity, contact, and conversation become triggers for interactive vignettes. Press: PREVIEW OF WATCHING BRIEF REVIEW OF WATCHING […]

‘To Be Two’

Direction by Megan Young With Performers Rebecca Burcher, Julia Smith, Emily Thompson Misty Luminais, Dramaturge Sound Design, Megan Young An immersive movement experience constructed by audience with performers, ‘To Be Two’ considers the tenuous space between where embodiment ends and all others begin. It mirrors the messy and muddled construction of self in real life […]