Interactive Sound Installation & Ensemble Performance
Concept, Direction & Interactive Design: Megan Young
Materials: Sand, paper, wood, piezo (contact) microphone, audio interface, and Mac mini with custom Max MSP software patch

Exhibition History:
Ingenuity Cleveland
Musical Gesture as Creative Interface (Porto, Portugal)
Risk: Empathy, Art and Social Practice Exhibition (GASP Fair)
Site: Lab at ArtPrize 7
Dance in the Annex
Chicago Arts District

Performance/Installation Excerpts from Ingenuity Cleveland (2017)
*Live sound recorded through Max MSP

The Breakwall project includes many diverse iterations of participatory, open sourced movement and ensemble sound art with the body as instrument. It is a sonic landscape and alternative performance venue. When presented as a participatory installation, viewers are invited to play on the tactile sand and explore visual-aural relationships.

When presented as a performance piece, dancers follow a directed improvisational structure. They respond and adapt to one another in a multi-sensory conversation. The movement is accompanied by the sounds of the actions, amplified and looped into a hypnotic wave-like sound score.

The original movement vocabulary has been developed through an open sourced methodology. Each performing body is tasked with exploring concepts of feminist political ecologies and documenting the experience. Those moving studies are shared, explored through ensemble moving, and incorporated into the larger performance score. In this way, the work continues to grow through every new iteration. (View individual explorations by Gina Buwalda Johnson and Trina Hines.)

Technical Support: Leo Selvaggio
Installation Support: Kix Nicole
Collaborative Performance Development: Angela Luem, Caitlin Rafferty
Additional Performers: Allison Anich, Kelly Skala, Alex Borgen, Trina Hines, Cassie Vander Well-Hulderman, Hannah Loss, Carolina Gill Pava, Lauren Turnipseed, Gina Buwalda Johnson
Project Support: ArtPrize Seed Grant, Amy Wilson/DITA, Site:LAB, Ingenuity Cleveland